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MFX door sensor

Key features

  • Upgradeable via new software: Double distance, 360° Pitch&Roll, Depth, Temp

  • All hardware already installed

  • Up to 4 functions in a SINGLE sensor

  • Typical battery live, up to 200** hours master

  • Typical battery live, up to 300** hours slave

  • Charging time, 8-12 hours/ 4 hours fast charge

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trekant MAR-SS-15-00, A1 Master (Dør) Sensor 144, BB
trekant MAR-SS-16-00, A1 Slave (Dør) Sensor 144, STB
trekant MAR-SS-18-00, A1 Master (Dør) Sensor 110, BB
trekant MAR-SS-19-00, A1 Slave (Dør) Sensor 110, STB
trekant MAR-SS-1-15, Stål XL, Dør Lomme

Options: Depth, Temp. and Pitch&Roll

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