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Trawl speed

Key features

  • Depth range: 1800 meter

  • Range to vessel: 2500 meter

  • All hardware already installed

  • Typical battery live time, up to 200 hours**

  • Charging time, 8-12 hours/ 4 hours fast charge

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trekant MAR-TSS-0-00, A1 Trålhastighet og symmetri sensor
trekant MAR-TSS-1-MT, A1 Trålhastighet montkitt TSS-1-MT + TSS-2-MT
trekant MAR-GRD-0-00, A1 Ristsensor med gjennomstrømningshastighet
trekant MAR-GRD-2-MT, A1 Ristsensor monteringskitt

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